Space operators

Never in humankind's history has it been more important to understand the universe. Pressures such as climate change and population growth threaten our species if we don't learn to live more sustainably. Participate in groundbreaking research alongside astronauts on the ISS, witness our planet from outer space and partner with the world’s leading research institutions to shape the way we live on Earth.

Earth operators

Space exploration begins on Earth. Technological and personal preparedness is essential to safe and effective mission execution. Train at the world’s official astronaut training centers, experience zero gravity, or conduct research on a simulated mission without leaving our atmosphere.

Ocean operators

Oceans cover over 70% of Earth’s surface. They feed us, regulate climate, and supply over half of our oxygen. Yet 95% of Earth’s oceans remain unexplored and fewer than 30 people have been to its deepest point. Engage in science that will drive innovation and save our planet’s life support system.