Analog Martian or Lunar mission


Live and conduct scientific research 8,000+ feet above sea level on a Mars-like site along the Mauna Loa mountain range in Hawaii.


DURATION: 1 or 2 weeks
AVAILABILITY: Available now


On this mission, you will conduct research like an astronaut for one or two weeks at an analog research station located on the rocky slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The 1,200 sq ft research dome sits 8,200 ft above sea level on a landscape geologically similar to Mars or the Moon. As you conduct research you will experience for yourself the same isolation, communications delay, and habitat that you would encounter on the Moon or Mars.

What to expect:

4-6 crew members per mission
- Conduct a research mission that will yield physical and psychological data relevant to the future of humanity in space
- Simulate what it’s like to live on Mars or the Moon, including eating freeze dried food, using composting toilets, taking 30 second showers, putting on a pressurized spacesuit to walk outside, track your vitals daily and keep a journal on your psychological well-being

Note: The Mars and Moon missions differ in their communications delays (a few seconds for the Moon, about 20 minutes each way for Mars).


Research: Please contact SpaceVIP for information about the types of research you can conduct during your mission.

Sponsorship: Sponsor an individual or group experience.


Please contact SpaceVIP for more information.


Human analog missions are experiences carried out on Earth in environments that simulate those beyond our planet, such as the Moon, asteroids, or Mars. In these remote and often extreme environments, participants conduct research projects to better understand our universe. Additionally, these environments provide a context for examining and experiencing the social and psychological dynamics that would arise in a closed extraterrestrial civilization.