Why space?

Space literacy is key to addressing critical humanitarian and environmental challenges. There is a powerful link between internet connectivity and capacity to address social and economic issues; satellite technology provides critical connectivity and earth observation data to the developing and developed world, lending a positive tailwind for businesses, government, education, and health. Ultimately these advantages will narrow the wealth gap and generate opportunities across the economic spectrum.

Why now?

Private sector participation in the space industry is accelerating space-based innovation and giving us a chance to tackle the critical social, economic, and environmental challenges facing our planet. Each day scientists across the globe are unlocking new breakthroughs to tackle society’s most challenging problems. On nearly every metric, the advancement of science and technology is strengthening communities and making life better.

Meet our team

With over two decades of extensive expertise in luxury travel, our team has been instrumental in developing and executing the most unique adventures on Earth.  We are now instilling our personalized methods to include off-planet pursuits, especially curated for our highly engaged and curious clientele to bring a sense of comfort and consistency for the next evolution in travel. Our close partnerships allow our clients to have first-hand interactions and connections to the brilliant minds influencing New Space travel today.
Left to Right: Eddie Miller, Roman Chiporukha, Susanne Moore