Mariana Trench


Journey to the deepest point on the planet in the most high-tech submarine ever built.


LOCATION: Guam & Pacific Ocean


Join a group of less than 30 people to have descended in a submersible to the Challenger Deep, the last frontier of exploration on Earth, at a depth of 35,850ft (10,927m). Virtually every dive can yield something new to science and the world.

Day 1: Arrive in Guam, board the expedition ship and sail out to the dive site, Challenger Deep. The distance is 210 nautical miles and takes about 20-22 hours in relatively calm waters.

Day 2: Board the submarine, sit back, relax, and be prepared to be piloted down to the depths of the ocean and into the history books. 4.5 hours to get down, 2-3 hours at the bottom of the ocean floor, and approximately 4 hours back up.

Day 3: Return to Guam.


Research: Please contact SpaceVIP for more information.

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Please contact SpaceVIP for more information.


HES: Hadal Exploration System

Your expedition ship: Deep Sea Submersible Support Vessel (DSSV) Pressure Drop is a 68.3m vessel built specifically for long-endurance surveillance around the globe. It is ultra-quiet (useful for submersible acoustics), fuel efficient, and underwent a $15M refurbishment in 2018. There are 46 staterooms, a gym, a great video library, and a bar.

The submersible: TRITON 36000/2 — DSV The Limiting Factor, titanium submersible.
As the only vehicle capable of repeatedly visiting the hadal zone, the Triton 36000/2 is destined to make a plethora of discoveries during her long career. Certified by DNV-GL as the world’s only ‘depth unlimited’ submersible, the submersible is a pathfinder into Earth’s last frontier. The human-occupied sphere is a 90mm titanium sphere of 1.5m diameter; it is very comfortable and peaceful inside. It is a stable yet highly maneuverable platform with an array of high-definition cameras and powerful LED lights to allow you to see the bottom of the ocean and capture it on camera.

The crew: The award-winning team created for the Five Deeps Expedition, the world's first manned expedition to the deepest point in each of the five oceans, continues today as part of the Ring of Fire Expedition. Originally selected for their individual professional expertise and cohesive abilities, the team has proven to be the greatest asset of the HES. With overlapping skill sets unified by a common passion, this team has successfully achieved many world records and world firsts.