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Space is for everyone
SpaceVIP is a mission-based expedition company for space and space-related experiences. Through partnerships with the leading operators in New Space, we offer access to an industry that is changing humankind. Private sector participation has transformed what is possible and opened the door to unexplored corners of our universe.
Our experiences & partnerships
SpaceVIP is the only company that can take you from zero gravity to orbiting the Moon. We specialize in extraordinary experiences, travel and events, making us an effective bridge between the space industry and the public, translating the most coveted knowledge and opportunities to our clientele.

Whether your goal is to advance scientific research, to explore the unknown, or simply to see the Earth from a new perspective, our purpose is to fuel a global culture of curiosity and to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of the universe.

Our vision is to enable future generations of private astronauts, aggregate the incessant flow of information, and embolden the citizens of Earth to participate in New Space.