Planetary Vanguard Maiden mission


Make history by joining a team of top scientists on Earth 300’s maiden mission as they work to create unprecedented solutions to combat climate change.


LOCATION Antarctica / Arctic


Join Earth 300’s maiden mission: “Pelagic Mysteries with Ice”.

Imagine embarking on one of the most exhilarating and meaningful voyages of a lifetime where you’ll be a participant and a contributor at the cutting edge of science – you’ll be sitting under the tree with Newton when the apple falls, walking on the moon with Armstrong and Aldrin, or holding Galileo’s telescope with one hand and a fine libation with the other. You will create and imagine with some of the most eminent thinkers of the day. You’ll help ensure humanity’s survival. You’ll make history.

The experience will start before the passenger boards the ship. There will be a 6-month advance booking requisite where a welcome package and preparation kit will be sent to the guest so that s/he can prepare mentally for the voyage and read up on the activities that will be taking place in order to capitalise to the fullest. The 10-days on board will entail a highly curated program which will allow for a transformative experience.

Prior to departure, guests will be met at their preferred pick-up location and transported to the ship, even if located tens of miles away from the nearest shore. Onboard, guests will spend time with scientists, students, and each other. Life onboard will be symbiotic; participating in the science, the expeditions and the adventures will not be an option and rather part of the program. Whether a guest is actively observing and providing feedback in one of the labs or voyaging with a scientist in a submersible or to an offsite location will depend on the guest’s desired level of immersion.  

There will be 40 guests on board at any given time. Hospitality experiences will be lived together; the tourists, scientists, experts and students will all enjoy and partake in these activities. This experience is about the power of inclusivity. There will be a time for guests to enjoy each other in private but the majority of the time they will be engaged in collective expedition.


Research:  Participate in the pursuit of knowledge around the geological heartbeats of the Earth – how does the planet function? Become a patron of science and contribute further to the unlocking of Earth's secrets

Sponsorship: Please contact SpaceVIP for sponsorship opportunities


Earth 300 aims to cater to and accommodate all ages and conditions. No restrictions are anticipated as experiences on Earth 300 will be extremely customized.


Earth 300 Specifications:

Length: 300 meters
Width: 46 meters
Height: 60 meters
22 Laboratories
20 VIP Cabins
160 Scientists
20 Experts-in-Residence
20 Students
40 VIP Guests
165 Crew