International Space Station


Travel to the International Space Station in a SpaceX Crew Dragon and conduct meaningful research and outreach projects alongside astronauts.


LOCATION - USA, Russia, Germany
DURATION - 10 Days
AVAILABILITY - Booking now for Ax-2, Ax-3, and Ax-4


Become a private astronaut with Axiom as you launch to the International Space Station in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. On this trip to the ISS, you will:

- Orbit the Earth at an altitude of 250 miles traveling 17,000 mph
- Experience sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes
- Fly with other trained astronauts


Research: Axiom works with its private astronauts to design an optimal itinerary, which might include STEM education outreach, research, filmmaking and photography, and support for philanthropic causes.

Sponsorship: Sponsor a trip to space.


Training: Missions include 15 weeks of expert training at space agency facilities, including centrifuge training, zero-g, behavioral training, suit fittings, human health and performance, systems and operations training, emergency procedures, and water recovery. Please contact SpaceVIP for more information.


Axiom’s first commercial mission, known as Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1) is scheduled for January 2022 onboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon. The flight will send three private astronauts and one professionally-trained astronaut to the ISS for an 8-day stay. Ax-1 will make history as the first mission to the ISS that is completely crewed and managed by a commercial entity.

Ax-I Prime crew:

Michael López-Alegría - Spacecraft Commander (fifth spaceflight)
Larry Connor - Pilot (first spaceflight)
Mark Pathy - Mission Specialist 1 (first spaceflight)
Eytan Stibbe - Mission Specialist 2 (first spaceflight)

Pathy will collaborate with the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Canadian Space Agency. Connor will work with the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Stibbe will collaborate with the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Axiom has announced three more crewed missions to the ISS (Ax-2, Ax-3 and Ax-4) onboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule, all of which are expected to launch by 2023.