Stratospheric Space flight


Rise above 100,000 ft for 6-12 Hours. Witness the Sunrise, View the Curvature of the Earth, Experience the Darkness of Space and Reflect on the Fragility of our Planet Below


LOCATION: Multiple
DURATION: 6-12 Hours
AVAILABILITY: Available Soon


The entire flight experience will be between 6-12 hours. You will gently rise to 100,000 feet before dawn to witness the sun rising over the planet. You will then enjoy 6-8 hours at apogee before slowly descending and softly landing back to Earth. The flight day will proceed as follows:

LIFTOFF (T-0 hours): Liftoff before dawn

ASCENT (T+2 hours): The stratospheric balloon slowly ascends, providing a gentle ride above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere.

APOGEE (6-8 hours): Reach apogee and hover at 100,000 feet to witness the sun slowly rising over Earth’s surface, view the curvature of Earth through oversized windows, experience the darkness of space, stargaze through the on-board telescope, reflect on the fragility of our planet below and have time to truly appreciate and absorb the entirety of the experience. Participants can move freely about the spacious capsule during the entire time at apogee.

DESCENT (1 hour): Slowly descend under controlled balloon descent and parafoil landing.
Note: Your five-day flight window at one of our seven spaceports around the globe means you will have plenty of time to design a fully immersive experience surrounding your flight.


Research: Chartered research flights available.

Sponsorship: Sponsor an individual or group experience. Custom brand activations are also available.


Current FAA regulations require passengers to be at least 18 years old. This may change in the future.


Over the past seven years, World View has successfully flown over 100 flights into the stratosphere, including lifting five full-size capsule payloads.

Explorer-class commercial flights are expected to fly out of Spaceport Grand Canyon in early 2024. Flights from Spaceport Great Barrier Reef are expected to begin in late 2024. The remaining five spaceports are anticipated to have staggered openings between 2025 and 2027.

Departure Locations

Spaceport Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Spaceport Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia
Spaceport Serengeti, Kenya
Spaceport Aurora Borealis, Norway
Spaceport Amazonia, Brazil
Spaceport Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Spaceport Great Wall of China, Mongolia