Mars Analog Mission


Conduct research with a multidisciplinary team of “Ramonauts” in a Martian environment in the world’s largest water-formed crater.


LOCATION: Ramon Crater, Israel
DURATION: Please contact SpaceVIP
AVAILABILITY: Available now


Live in an isolated Martian environment and conduct research with a multidisciplinary team to explore areas such as geology, robotics, medicine, drones, recycling & waste treatment, energy, sensors, and climate. In a team of 5-8 “Ramonauts”, expect to take on specific mission plans and roles that will include a variety of experiences. As you would expect on Mars, you will experience communications delays, isolation conditions, and research projects.


Research: Please contact SpaceVIP for information about the types of research you can conduct during your mission.

Sponsorship: Sponsor an individual or group experience.


Please contact SpaceVIP for more information.


Human analog missions are experiences carried out on Earth in environments that simulate those beyond our planet, such as the Moon, asteroids, or Mars. In these remote and often extreme environments, participants conduct research projects to better understand our universe. Additionally, these environments provide a context for examining and experiencing the social and psychological dynamics that would arise in a closed extraterrestrial civilization.