Zero Gravity Flight


Experience weightlessness, Lunar gravity, and Martian gravity on a parabolic flight. Participate by yourself, with a group, or charter the whole plane


LOCATION: Multiple
AVAILABILITY: Available now


The ZERO-G specially modified Boeing 727 G-FORCE ONE® aircraft achieves weightlessness by flying special aerobatic maneuvers called parabolas. During these parabolas, you will experience weightlessness, Lunar gravity (one sixth your weight) and Martian gravity (one third your weight).

The ZERO-G Experience includes

• A parabolic flight with 15 parabolas (including two Lunar gravity parabolas and one Martian gravity parabola)
• Zero gravity-friendly breakfast
• Personal flight suit 
• ZERO-G merchandise
• Weightless certificate
• Professional photos and videos of your experience
• Rapid COVID-19 test (RT-PCR)

ZERO-G occasionally offers the Astronaut Experience® which includes 25 parabolas, additional activities to test astronaut skills, additional merchandise, and a custom flight suit patch.

Note: Flights departing from New York, NY Stewart International Airport (SWF) will also include round trip BLADE helicopter transportation from Manhattan.


Research: Use ZERO-G’s Weightless Lab to conduct research on topics including biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, fluid and fundamental physics, materials science, aerospace engineering, space exploration hardware, and human space habitation.

Sponsorship: Sponsor an individual or group experience.

Corporate events: Charter a flight for a corporate event.

Private groups and charters: Listed flights can be privately booked. Additionally, flights can be chartered from any airport that can accommodate a Boeing 727-200 aircraft. Additional relocation fees may be incurred if a special location is requested.


Minimum age: 8 years
Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian
Children under 10 must be accompanied by one adult or legal guardian per child
Medical history questionnaire required (provided after booking)


Parabolic flights enable passengers to experience zero, Lunar, and Martian gravity without having to leave Earth. When the plane reaches 24,000 feet, it tilts nose-up at a 45° angle to reach 32,000 feet. This high-inclination ascent causes passengers to feel 1.8 g’s, or 1.8 times their weight. The sensation is similar to quickly climbing a rollercoaster hill.

Passengers will then begin to experience weightlessness as the plane pushes over the arc of the parabola and flies nose-down at a 30° angle. This weightless sensation, or freefall, is similar to the feeling of driving down a steep hill - only this time you will experience zero gravity for 30 seconds, enough time for you to float around and even do flips.

The plane is FAA certified and flies in FAA-designated airspace that is approximately 100 miles long and 10 miles wide.