Frequently asked questions

Does SpaceVIP operate the missions?
No. We are not engineers or rocket scientists. We specialize in experiences, travel and events, and our role is to bridge the gap between our operating partners and our clients. We provide the full experience from experience selection to booking, travel arrangements and anything else you need. 

Why work with SpaceVIP?
Knowledge & transparency: SpaceVIP is the first and only marketplace for Space Tourism. As such, we have unique insight and access, and are the only company that is product agnostic between experiences. This allows us to advocate for our clients in a way that the operators can’t. 

Client orientation:
We understand the many ways that space impacts everyday life and therefore how to connect with people in a relevant and meaningful way. Our clients are motivated by different things. Whether your goal is to advance scientific research, to explore the unknown, or simply to see the Earth from a new perspective, we pride ourselves on our ability to curate an experience based on your individualized set of interests. 

Access: We have direct access to executives of each operating company and unique access to limited inventory, whether it be for specific missions, early flight numbers, or in some cases experiences that are not otherwise available to the public. New operators emerging all the time. We know about new experiences before they are announced, so we can consider all available and soon-to-be available experiences in our client recommendations.

Is it more expensive to book with SpaceVIP than through the operator?
No. You will never pay more by booking through SpaceVIP versus booking directly with an operator.

Can anyone go to space?
Requirements vary depending on the experience. Some experiences have specific age, training, or physical requirements. By nature of the industry, some operators have specific citizenship requirements or exclusions. Please contact us for more information.

Can I do research on SpaceVIP missions?
Research is a component of several of our missions, and we encourage clients to participate.

I understand why space research is important but I don’t want to go to the bottom of the ocean or to space. How can I participate?
Sponsors are always welcome. Our ultimate mission is to do good - by amplifying interest and interaction with space and encouraging universal space literacy. We can facilitate mission sponsorship through our 501c3 Space Prize Foundation.

Why do you include ocean experiences on your website?

Is Space Tourism a waste of money?
No. Space tourism subsidizes space research that is essential to life on Earth. We rely on space science to operate our daily lives as well as to preserve our planet for generations to come. Read more about why space matters on

Who are your clients?
SpaceVIP works with individuals, non-profits, foundations, family offices, corporations, and universities.

Can I be a SpaceVIP sales affiliate?
Absolutely. We are a small team and would love your help sharing our experiences with new clients. Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a sales affiliate.

Are all of your experiences published online?
Though we seek to open space to everybody, we have a duty to our partners to protect material nonpublic information. For more information on unpublished experiences please enter your information and a team member will reach out to schedule a call.

Are you working with Space Adventures in Russia?
All Space Adventures Russian experiences are currently unavailable (both through SpaceVIP and through Space Adventures directly). We have chosen to continue to include information about these experiences on our website because the goal of SpaceVIP is to show what is possible, and we hope that a political resolution will allow for these experiences to become available in the future.